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Dos & don'ts of Operating Concrete Mixing Plants

2024-03-15 11:30

Concrete mixing plants play a vital role in construction, highway, bridge and water projects. To ensure the safety and reliability of these plants, as well as to extend their service life, operators must follow a series of strict operating procedures. In this article, we will introduce the precautions to be taken when operating a concrete mixing plant in detail, and recommend ZOOMJO, an excellent mixing plant manufacturer, as well as demonstrate the excellent performance and advantages of its concrete mixing plants.

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Precautions for Operating Concrete Batching Plant

1. Ground Requirement: The concrete mixer should be installed on a solid and level ground to avoid tipping of the equipment due to uneven ground subsidence. 

2. Inspection Procedures: Before operation, the machine systems should be inspected according to the procedures of cleaning, fastening, lubrication, adjustment and anti-corrosion to ensure compliance with the requirements and timely elimination of potential accidents.

3. Electrical Safety: Electric powered concrete mixers and power distribution equipment should be equipped with fuses and grounding devices to ensure the safety of the electrical system.

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4. Prevention of material jamming: During operation, sand and gravel should be avoided to fall into the running parts of the machine, so as not to cause parts jamming or damage.

5. Hopper safety: After the hopper is raised, it is strictly prohibited for anyone to pass or stay under the hopper. When doing maintenance, turn off the power and lift the hopper with safety chain before operation. When the hopper is lowered, the speed should be controlled to avoid damaging parts or malfunctioning.

6. Discharge and feeding: It is not allowed to stop without any reason before discharging, let alone start after feeding. The amount of feed shall not exceed the specified capacity, and the hopper shall not be fed before it stops. 

7. machine stability: concrete mixer body must be installed stable and firm. Before working, check the flexibility of the clutch and brake, the integrity of the steel wire rope, and the reliability of the protective device, and test run. 

Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

8. Prohibit overloading: It is strictly prohibited to use the machine overloaded, and it is strictly prohibited to put hands or other objects into the mixing cylinder for fiddling, cleaning and repairing when it is in operation.

9. Troubleshooting: In the event of power failure or malfunction during full-load operation, the mixing cylinder should be cleaned up by the person in charge of the material, and then inspected or repaired. It is strictly prohibited to start the concrete mixer at full load. 

10. Entering the mixing drum: If you need to enter the mixing drum for cleaning or repairing, the power supply should be strictly controlled to prevent accidents.

11. Cleaning and Maintenance: After mixing, the concrete mixer should be cleaned in time to prevent the concrete from clumping. When cleaning, attention should be paid to the moisture-proofing of electrical equipment, and make sure to do it after turning off the power.

ZOOMJO concrete batching plant manufacturer

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ZOOMJO is a professional concrete mixing plant manufacturer, offering many types of mixing plants including foundationless, stationary, mobile portable, belt and skip type to meet projects of different sizes and needs.

Product Features:

Reliable quality: all components are strictly tested to ensure product quality.

Excellent performance: good mixing effect, high efficiency and low energy consumption.

Simple operation: user-friendly operation interface, easy to operate and maintain.

After-sales service: provide comprehensive after-sales service to ensure that customers have no worries.

ZOOMJO's concrete mixing plant is widely used in all kinds of projects, which is the best choice for concrete production. If you are looking for high quality concrete mixing plant, ZOOMJO will be your ideal choice. Contact ZOOMJO for the most suitable solution for your project.

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