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Concrete Pumping Equipment Classification & Features Detailed

2023-04-14 15:38

Concrete pumping equipment is a kind of conveying equipment commonly used in construction projects, which can transport concrete from mixing plant to construction site and improve construction efficiency and quality. According to different characteristics and uses, concrete pumping equipment can be divided into the following five categories.

Trailer-type concrete pumping equipment (trailer pump)

The discharge control method of trailer concrete pump is divided into gate valve type, C pipe type and S pipe type; according to its power supply, it is also divided into electric type and diesel engine type. Trailer pump is suitable for electric power engineering, water conservancy engineering, bridges, tunnels, airports, roads, residential communities and other construction occasions, especially in the ultra-long distance, ultra-high floors and special concrete construction projects play a fairly important role. Trailer pump not only has not very high requirements for the proportion of concrete, but also has the advantages of operational safety, high construction efficiency, low cost, environmental protection, long horizontal pumping distance (600m), vertical pumping height (120m) and large displacement (100m3/h). The disadvantages are that it can't drive automatically, need to lay pipes, longer construction preparation time, can't automatically fabricate, etc.

Trailer mounted concrete pump

Concrete Mixer Pump

Concrete mixing pump is a kind of equipment that combines concrete mixing and conveying functions in one. It adopts hydraulic drive system and is capable of conveying concrete directly from the mixer to the construction site, which is especially suitable for projects such as high-rise buildings and long-distance conveying. Concrete mixing pump mainly includes components such as mixing system, conveying system and hydraulic system. The mixing system is responsible for mixing the concrete evenly; the conveying system is responsible for conveying the concrete to the construction site; and the hydraulic system is responsible for driving the operation of the mixing pump. Concrete mixing pump can be divided into two types: static pressure type and dynamic pressure type, and the specific use method and operation procedures vary according to the equipment.

Concrete mixer with pump

Concrete pump truck

Concrete pump truck is suitable for concrete pumping in urban construction, residential communities, stadiums, overpasses and airports and other building construction. The advantages of the pump truck are that it is mobile, flexible, efficient, fast driving speed (maximum speed 80km/h), and can quickly transfer over long distances; it does not need additional piping, short preparation assistance time, flexible rotation, and convenient and fast fabric; meanwhile, the pump truck is generally equipped with wireless remote control, which is simple and convenient to operate. The disadvantage is that the concrete proportioning requirements are relatively high, and the pumping height and horizontal distance are limited by the boom length.

Truck-mounted concrete pump (truck-mounted pump)

Truck-mounted pumps are suitable for concrete construction in airports, housing construction, bridges, tunnels, ports, docks, large stadiums, overpasses, etc. The advantage of truck-mounted pump is that it integrates driving and pumping in one, faster driving speed compared with towing pump, stronger maneuvering and transferring operation ability, suitable for small batch, multiple sites and narrow operating conditions of construction sites; 

Concrete Pump Truck

Pump truck

Pump truck is a new type of concrete conveying equipment, which can pump concrete, expansive soil, mortar and other materials. It combines the advantages of concrete mixer truck and concrete pumping equipment in one, which can both drive by itself and pump concrete directly, suitable for different occasions and construction needs. The advantages of pumping truck are high automation, simple and convenient operation, high efficiency, energy saving and labor saving. It can automatically complete the operation of mixing, pumping and cleaning, which reduces the labor intensity of staff and improves the work efficiency and construction quality. The disadvantage of pumping truck is that it is more expensive and has higher maintenance cost, which requires a certain level of skill for operation and maintenance.

Different concrete conveying equipment have their own advantages and disadvantages and are suitable for different construction occasions and needs. When selecting and using them, a comprehensive consideration is needed according to the specific situation in order to achieve the best construction results.

Trailer concrete pumps and concrete boom pumps

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