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Concrete Mixing Pump Common Failures & Maintenance Cycle Analysis

2023-04-14 16:41

Concrete mixer pump is a common equipment used in construction sites to transport concrete through pipes to the location where construction is needed. It usually consists of concrete mixer and concrete pump, the former mixes the concrete evenly and the latter conveys the concrete.

As concrete mixer pump works intensively and for a long time, it is prone to various failures, so proper maintenance is very important not only to extend the life of the equipment but also to improve the efficiency and safety. Below we will introduce the common faults and solutions of concrete mixer pump as well as the maintenance cycle.

Common failures:

Pipe blockage: Concrete condensation or foreign body blockage in the pipe is a common problem. It can be solved by cleaning the pipe with wire rope or high pressure water gun.

Pipe blockage is one of the common failures of concrete mixer pumps, but it can be reduced by preventive measures. For example, use proper concrete proportioning, avoid excessive cement use, use proper pipe size, etc.

Electrical failure: Electrical failure may be caused by poor cable connection or faulty electrical components. In this case, the cable connection needs to be checked for correctness and the damaged electrical components need to be replaced.

Hydraulic failure: Hydraulic failure is usually caused by a damaged oil pump or leaking oil circuit. The solution to this problem is to replace the oil pump or replace the leaking oil line.

Concrete mixing pump pipelaying

Maintenance cycle:

The length of the maintenance cycle of concrete mixer pumps depends on factors such as frequency of use, working conditions and equipment brand.

Usually, every 500 hours to 1000 hours maintenance includes changing hydraulic oil, checking and replacing hydraulic oil filter, checking and replacing air filter, checking and replacing water pump belt, checking and adjusting hydraulic system, cleaning and coating equipment surface, etc.

Proper maintenance is very important for the use of concrete mixer pump. If there is a malfunction, you can follow the solutions we provide to solve the problem. In addition, regular maintenance can prolong the life of the equipment and improve efficiency and safety.

Concrete Mixing Pump Customer Case

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