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Concrete Mixing Plant Successfully Delivered to Concrete Pole Production Plant in Laos

2023-04-17 09:43

Our company recently successfully delivered an HZS50 concrete mixing plant to a concrete pole production plant in Laos, which will support the plant's production line. To meet the needs of the production line, we designed a concrete distribution truck for the plant, which will pour concrete into two concrete pumps side-by-side below. This will greatly improve production efficiency and product quality. In addition, we used a bolted cement silo with a capacity of 200 tons and thickened steel plates to expand the capacity of the aggregate batcher. These improvements will help meet the demands of high volume production.

In addition to this, we have improved the control system so that it can operate the entire plant with the distribution trolley. This will allow the opening and closing of the trolley discharge doors through a central control panel, improving operational efficiency and reducing the risk of mishandling. These improvements will make the entire production process smarter and more efficient.

Concrete mixing plant installation site

The final concrete poles produced will be used in the construction of infrastructure in Laos. Concrete poles are a very important construction material and are commonly used in bridges, tunnels, docks, shipyards, structural supports for buildings, highway guardrails and other projects.

ZOOMJO has been committed to providing customers with high quality concrete mixing equipment and perfect after-sales service. With our professional technical team and rich experience, we are able to provide tailor-made solutions for our customers. Whether in China or abroad, we adhere to the principle of customer first and provide our customers with the best quality products and services.

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