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Concrete Mixer Pumps

2024-02-21 11:46

Concrete mixing pump is a multifunctional machine integrating concrete mixing and conveying functions, which plays an indispensable role in modern building construction. It can not only improve the working efficiency, but also reduce the construction cost, which is the ideal choice for large-scale construction projects.

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Working Principle

The working principle of concrete mixer pump is to transport the mixed concrete to the designated location through the pipeline.

✔️ Mixing: The concrete mixer mixes cement, sand, gravel, water and other raw materials to form the required concrete.

✔️ Conveying: the concrete pump utilizes the hydraulic system to convey the concrete into the conveying pipe.

✔️ Discharge: the concrete reaches the designated position through the conveying pipe to complete the pouring.

Concrete mixing pumps can be driven by diesel or electric power, which provides more options for construction sites. In the case of power supply, electric-powered concrete mixer pump is more cost-saving and reduces environmental pollution. In the absence of power supply, diesel driven concrete mixer pumps are flexible and convenient to ensure the smooth progress of the construction process.

Concrete Mixer Pump Structure

Main Components

The main components of concrete mixer pump include:

➡️ Power system: provides power for the whole machine, either diesel engine or electric motor.

➡️ Mixing system: responsible for mixing the raw materials into concrete, common types include drum mixer, twin shaft mixer and planetary mixer.

➡️ Pumping system: conveys the concrete to the designated location, mainly composed of pumps, pipelines and control systems.

In addition to the basic concrete mixing and pumping functions, the concrete mixer pump is also equipped with intelligent equipment such as wireless remote control and PLC control program, which makes the operation easier, stable and reliable. Meanwhile, the fully automatic lubrication system and strict factory pressure test also ensure the service life and safety of the equipment.

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Application Scene

Concrete mixing pump is widely used in all kinds of construction projects, including:

✔️ High-rise building: the construction of high-rise buildings needs to transfer concrete to high places, concrete mixing pump is the ideal choice.

✔️ Bridge construction: bridge construction needs to convey concrete to piers, girders and other parts of the bridge, concrete mixing pump can improve the construction efficiency.

✔️ Highway construction: Highway construction needs to convey concrete to road surface, bridge and other parts, concrete mixing pump can reduce the construction cost.

✔️ Tunnel construction: tunnel construction needs to deliver concrete to the tunnel wall, vault and other parts, concrete mixing pump can ensure the construction quality.

Concrete Pump Customer Case

Concrete mixer with Pumps Selection Guide

Choosing a reliable concrete mixer supplier is crucial. When choosing a concrete mixer pump, you need to consider concrete conveying capacity, maximum aggregate size, power supply and other factors.

➡️ Concrete conveying capacity: choose the appropriate conveying capacity according to the construction demand.

➡️ Maximum aggregate size: choose the appropriate maximum aggregate size according to the proportion of concrete.

➡️ Power mode: choose diesel engine or electric motor according to the power supply of the construction site.

➡️ Concrete slump: choose the suitable concrete slump according to the construction requirements.

Concrete mixing pump Maintenance

In order to prolong the service life of concrete mixing pump, regular maintenance is needed, including:

✔️ Inspection: check the wear and tear of each part regularly and replace the damaged parts in time.

✔️ Lubrication: lubricate the parts regularly to reduce friction.

✔️ Cleaning: regularly clean the whole machine to keep it tidy.

Concrete mixer pump for sale

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