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The Difference Between Concrete Mixer Pump And Trailer Pump

2023-04-28 14:46

Concrete is an important building material in construction projects, and concrete mixer pumps and trailer pumps are the main equipment used to transport concrete to the project site. Although they are both used for conveying concrete, they have some obvious differences.

A concrete mixer pump is a mobile concrete mixing plant system that combines a mixing system and pumping in one. It can mix concrete and pump it to the project site, thus increasing the concrete production efficiency. In addition, the concrete mixer pump can also ensure the quality of concrete because it can add the right amount of water and admixtures during the mixing process, thus ensuring the quality of concrete.

Concrete Trailer Pumps & Mixer Pumps

In contrast, a concrete trailer pump is a stationary concrete pump that is usually mounted on a single trailer frame. It uses high pressure to pump concrete continuously along the pipeline and is suitable for high-rise conveyance, railroad, tunnel and bridge construction as well as special occasions such as hydropower, mining and national defense. The concrete trailer pump can also be used as a spraying pump for spraying equipment, spraying concrete, mortar, refractory materials and green soil. Therefore, concrete trailer pumps are commonly used in fine concrete conveying and floor heating construction.

In general, concrete mixer pump and trailer pump both have their own advantages and disadvantages, and the specific use depends on the actual needs of the project. Concrete mixer pumps are suitable for small buildings and underground projects, while concrete trailer pumps are suitable for large projects and long-distance transportation. Both concrete mixer pumps and trailer pumps need to be strictly maintained and serviced to ensure their performance and longevity.

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