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Compact Concrete Batching Plant: Advantages, Applications, Prices

2024-01-03 15:23

A concrete batching plant is a specialized equipment used to produce and supply concrete, which can be prepared according to different ratios and specifications. There are many types of concrete batching plants, one of which is the compact concrete batching plant, which is a versatile concrete batching plant that combines the advantages of both mobile and stationary concrete batching plants.

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What is a Compact Concrete Batching Plant?

Compact concrete batching plant is a multifunctional concrete batching plant which can complete the process of batching, mixing and conveying concrete in a compact space, thus saving floor space and transportation cost. The main components of a compact concrete batching plant are aggregate silo, aggregate conveying system, cement silo, cement conveying system, water and additive supply system, concrete mixer and control system.

Aggregate silos and cement silos of Compact Concrete Batching Plant are usually square or row type, which can be increased or decreased according to the need to adapt to different kinds of aggregates and cement. Aggregate conveying system and cement conveying system of compact concrete batching plant are generally of bucket or belt type, which can realize fast and accurate weighing and conveying. The water and additive supply system of the compact concrete batching plant is generally in the form of electronic scales and pumps, which can precisely control the amount of water and additives.

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The concrete mixer of the compact concrete batching plant is generally of double-shaft forced type, which can ensure the uniform and efficient mixing of concrete. The control system of the compact concrete batching plant is generally in the way of computer or touch screen, which can realize automatic or manual operation and monitoring.

Advantages of Compact Concrete Batching Plant

Compact concrete batching plant has the following advantages over other types of concrete batching plants. Small footprint, simple installation, and high efficiency:

- Small footprint and easy to install, can be set up and dismantled quickly in a small space, suitable for temporary or short-term projects.

- Convenient transportation, can be transported to different locations by trailer or container, reducing logistics cost and time.

- High production efficiency, can adjust the proportion and specification of concrete according to different needs, ensuring the quality and quantity of concrete.

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- Simple operation, automatic or manual control can be realized by means of computer or touch screen, which is convenient for operators.

- Easy maintenance, you can keep the concrete batching plant in good condition by regular inspection and cleaning, which prolongs the service life of the concrete batching plant.

The price of a compact concrete batching plant varies depending on a number of factors. The size of the plant, its use, land prices, the size of the mixing plant, the cost of raw materials, the number of mixer trucks in transit, the cost of maintenance and repairs, and the cost of transportation and installation are all important factors in the price range from $21,000 to $280,000.

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ZOOMJO Compact Concrete Batching Plant

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