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Cement Silos

2024-02-20 14:22

The cement silo plays an extremely important role in the concrete production process. It is a machine used to store the cement required in a concrete plant. Cement silos are available in different capacity specifications and can be selected and configured according to the needs of different concrete production facilities.

Cement Silos Wholesale

Cement silo for sale

ZOOMJO is a professional concrete equipment manufacturer, we can provide customers with various types and specifications of cement silos to meet different concrete production needs. Our cement silos have the following features:

☑️ ZOOMJO's cement silos generally range in capacity from 25 / ton to 3000 / ton. We can vary these capacities according to the cement silo requirements of your concrete production facility to suit different concrete formulations and output requirements.

☑️ ZOOMJO's cement silos are made of high quality steel and craftsmanship with good sealing and durability, which prevents the flying and loss of cement and ensures the quality and safety of cement. Our cement silos are rigorously tested and commissioned to ensure safety and reliability.

☑️ ZOOMJO's cement silos are equipped with advanced equipments and systems, which can realize automated conveying and controlling of cement, and improve the efficiency and accuracy of cement usage. Our cement silos are equipped with 1 pressure relief valve, 3 air vents and 1 24 square meter cartridge filter, which can effectively exhaust the air and dust inside the silo to maintain the normal pressure and cleanliness of the silo. Our cement silos are equipped with 3 cement level indicators, which can show the storage and consumption of cement in real time for easy management and replenishment.

☑️ ZOOMJO's cement silos are available in two types of construction, bolted (demountable) and welded silos. Bolted (demountable) silos consist of a number of standardized steel plates that can be bolted together for ease of transport and installation, as well as removal and replacement. Welded cement silos are made of a monolithic steel cylinder for high strength and stability and are suitable for long-term or stationary concrete production sites.

Cement silo manufacturers

Cement Silo Manufacturers

As an important part of a concrete production facility, the quality and performance of a cement silo directly affects the quality and productivity of concrete. Therefore, it is crucial to choose a reputable and experienced cement silo manufacturer.ZOOMJO's cement silos are carefully designed and manufactured with high-quality materials that are durable and able to meet a wide range of production needs.

Our cement silo products are not only popular in the domestic market, but have also won wide recognition in the international market. Our service team is always on standby to provide customers with one-stop solutions from consultation, purchase to after-sales service. If you need to buy cement silo, please contact ZOOMJO, we will provide you with high quality products and services.

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