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Self-Loading Mixer - Automated Concrete Mixer Truck for Sale

2023-09-26 17:15

What is self loading concrete mixer?

Self-loading concrete mixer is a kind of small mobile concrete mixing plant, which integrates concrete self-loading, precise measurement, mixing, transportation and discharging into one machine, which is convenient and practical to operate. It is suitable for small and medium-sized projects, and can complete the whole process from the self-loading of coarse materials to the unloading of the final product concrete, which greatly improves the efficiency of concrete preparation. This mixer is highly integrated and easy to use, making it ideal for small to medium sized projects.

Automatic self loading concrete mixer truck for sale

Self-loading concrete mixers typically have a mixing capacity of 1.2-6.5 m3/batch and can be equipped with a 0.15-0.8 m3 hopper, with a cycle time from feed to discharge of approximately 12 minutes. By adjusting the capacity of the mixing drum, it is possible to meet the needs of different projects for the amount of concrete to be dispensed.

Working Principle of Self-loading Concrete Mixer

Self-loading transportation concrete mixer, the vehicle itself has a bucket similar to the function of a loader, which can be loaded with concrete raw materials such as sand, stone, cement, etc., and then lift the raw materials into the mixing drum. It can also be equipped with gravity scales to weigh the aggregates. In addition, the vehicle is equipped with a hydraulically driven water pump to pump water. Equipped with uniquely designed mixing blades, the automatic self loading concrete mixer can mix concrete and transport it to the site and then unload it.

Structure of self-propelled concrete mixer truck

Advantages and features of automatic self loading concrete mixer

1. Fully automatic operation, only one person can finish the whole process of concrete preparation and transportation.

2. 270 degree rotating discharging, adapting to all kinds of narrow working environment.

3. good mixing uniformity, stable concrete quality.

4. flexible configuration, can be added with dust removal system, etc., to meet the needs of different users.

5. low operating cost, a machine instead of multiple equipment, effectively reducing construction costs.

Application scope of self-mounted concrete mixer

Self-loading concrete mixer can be widely used in construction projects, municipal engineering, highway and bridge, rural roads and other projects of concrete preparation. It is especially suitable for small and medium-sized projects and construction environments with high requirements for working space.

flat mouth self loading concrete mixer truck

Self-loading concrete mixer performs well in rural road construction and other fields. Not only can it automatically produce the required finished concrete, but it can also unload while transporting, making it ideal for small and medium-sized projects. The 270-degree rotating function of the mixing tank makes it easier to work in restricted spaces, and the ability to unload at a higher position improves construction efficiency.

Price of self loading concrete mixer

ZOOMJO focuses on the production of high-quality machinery and equipment, we produce two types of automatic mixers, flat-top and drum type. Self-loading concrete mixers are available in a wide range of sizes, from 1.2 cubic meters to 6.5 cubic meters, to meet the needs of different projects. Its price varies according to factors such as configuration and output, the smallest model is priced at about US$10,000. If you have a need for a fully automatic concrete mixer, you can contact us anytime to get the latest quotation. We will recommend the most suitable model of self loading mixer for you according to your project requirements, providing you the most cost-effective choice.

Self-loading concrete mixer truck delivery case

Self Loading Concrete Mixer Suppliers

ZOOMJO specializes in the production of various models of self loading concrete mixer, we provide technical advice, transportation and installation, operation training and other comprehensive services. If there is any problem in the process of using, we will send technicians to guide you on the spot to ensure the normal operation of the self loading concrete mixer. We provide equipment and spare parts at reasonable prices, welcome to call us for quotation and purchase. For customers who buy ZOOMJO equipment, we will provide subsequent spare parts at the original price, and warranty for wearing parts within one year. For specific after-sales service, please consult the sales manager.

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