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Aggregate Batching Machine

2024-02-28 11:37

Aggregate batching play a vital role as the core component of a concrete batching plant and are mainly used to accurately weigh various types of aggregates for concrete production. According to different formulas of concrete, the aggregate batching machine can be equipped with 2 to 4 kinds of aggregate storage bins to meet the demand of concrete production which generally adopts 3 or 4 kinds of aggregates.

Aggregate weighing machine for sale

Aggregate batching are divided into two main categories according to their weighing method: cumulative weighing aggregate batching and independent weighing aggregate batching.

Cumulative weighing type aggregate batching machine, as the name suggests, adopts a single weighing pan to switch the weighing method one by one, and all kinds of aggregates need to be weighed in sequence. It is subdivided into hopper type and belt weighing type. Hopper type cumulative weighing aggregate batching machine uses hopper as the weighing carrier to complete the weighing of different aggregates one by one; while the belt type adopts belt conveyor combined with dynamic weighing technology, which is also able to achieve the purpose of cumulative weighing.

Aggregate Weighing Machine

In contrast, the independent weighing type aggregate batching machine has independent scales for simultaneous weighing of each aggregate, which significantly improves the weighing efficiency and accuracy and ensures accurate concrete proportioning. The scales of this type of batching machine are limited to the hopper form.

Aggregate batching plant technology is now so mature that we are able to offer aggregate batching plants with up to 6 silos, with a maximum volume of 30 cubic metres per silo, which is sufficient to meet the material stockpiling requirements of large-scale concrete production projects.

Aggregate Batching Machine Manufacturer

We have also developed special sizes of aggregate batching to meet the specific application scenarios and individual requirements of our customers. For example, the aggregate batching plant with 5 silos can accommodate a wider variety of aggregates, which greatly enriches the mix of concrete formulas. In addition, the aggregate batching plant equipped with a screw conveyor effectively solves the problem of material conveying and ensures the continuity and stability of the aggregate batching operation, especially in the case of space constraints.

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